ACI - Automatic Component Insertion - komponenter och montering i produktion
ANSI - American National Standards Institute - standardisering
AOI - Automated Optical Inspection. Test fixture method in which printed circuit boards
are checked at bare-board, pre-or post-soldered stages of assembly by optical
means. - automatisk optisk test av kretskort inför och i produktion / tillverkning .
ASIC - Application Specific Integrated Circuit - kretsar
ASM - American Society of Metals - normer
ASTE - American Society Test Engineers - test
ASTM - American Society for Testing and Materials - test
ASQC - American Society Quality Control - kvalitet och kontroll
ATE - Automatic Test Equipment. Equipment designed to automatically analyze
functional or static parameters in order to evaluate performance degradation. It
may also be designed to perform fault isolation. - test i produktion av kretskort
ATG - Automatic Test Generation. Computer generation of a test program based solely
on the circuit technology, requiring little or no manual programming ef fort. - test av kretsar och kretskort i produktion
BGA - Ball Grid Array. A component whose terminations are on the bottom of the
package, and are in the shape of solder balls and in a grid array pattern. This
generally covers components that have them in a full array or in a partial array
with “missing” balls in the center. - komponenter
CAD - Computer Aided Design. A computer based system to assist designers in the
design, topological layout and drawing of an electronic component, assembly, or
system. - rita upp mönsterkort
CBGA/CCGA - Ceramic Ball Grid Array/Ceramic Column Grid Array. A grid array packaged
component that has ceramic as the substrate of the package, and may have
either solder balls or solder columns for connections. - komponenter
CFC - Chlorinated Fluorocarbon.
CMA - Circuit Mil Area. A unit of area equal to the area of a circle whose diameter is
one mil (0.001”). Used chiefly in specifying cross-sectional areas of conductors. - måttenhet mönsterkort
CMOS - Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor - komponent för kretskort
CMT - Chip Mount Technology. Any packaging or electronic assembly manufacturing
technology, such as TOB, COB, or flip chip, that connects bare (unpackaged) IC
chips to the substrate. - montering av oskyddade komponenter
COB - Chip-on-Board. A situation where the silicon IC chip is mounted directly to the electronic assembly substrate or PWB without an intermediate packaging step.
Connections between the chip and the board are generally made with lbond wired
(also sometime called ‘chip and wire’), but the terminology is occasionally used for
any chip connection technique such as flip chip (solderable bumps or tape
automated bonding. - montering och produktion kretskort
CSP - Chip Scale Package. Active, multi-I/O package that is no larger than 125% of the
size of thesilicon IC. - produktion
CTE - Coefficient of Thermal Expansion. See TCE
DFM - Design for Manufacturability
DFT - Design for Test
DIL - Dual In-Line. Component shape with two parallel rows of connection leads. - kapsling av kretsar för produktion
DIP - Dual In-Line Package. A popular through hole package with leads in rows on
opposite sides of the package. - kapsling av kretsar för produktion
DRAM - Dynamic RAM. Read-write memory that must be refreshed (read or written into)
periodically to maintain the storage of information. - minnestyp
DUT - Device Under Test. Component, PCB, or assembly subjected to a test. Also
known as unit under test (UUT) and loaded board. - test i kretskort och produktion
EIAJ - Electronic Industries Association in Japan
ESD - Electrostatic Discharge. A transfer of electrostatic charge between bodies at different electrostatic potentials caused by direct contactor induced by an
electrostatic field. - elektrostatisk urladdning
ESS - Environmental Stress Screening. Manufacturing stage in which all assemblies
are subjected to abnormal stresses, with the aim of forcing all early failures to
occur. Also known as reliability testing. - stresstest och test av pålitlighet
FCA - Flip Chip Attach. The technique of attachment of an IC chip to a substrate using
solderable bumps between the silicon chip and substrate. - kretsteknik
FPT - Fine Pitch Technology. The portion of surface mount technology that included
components that typically have lead pitch, or center-to-center spacing, between
0.4mm and 0.8mm. - montering kretskort / ytmontering
FP - Flat Pack. Allow profile IC package, which typically has gull wing type of leads
on two or four sides. - typ av kapsling kretsar
FR-4 - The most commonly used epoxy-fiberglass material standard for printed circuit boards. The “FR” refers to flame retardant. - PCB / kretskort bas
HASL - Hot Air Soldered Leveled. Hot air is used to blow of the excess after the PWB is dipped in solder. Typically used with the SMOBC process. - montering komponenter kretskort hetluft
IC - Integrated Circuit. A small, complete circuit made by vacuum deposition and
other techniques, usually on a silicon chip, and mounted in a package. - integrerad krets
IEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers - standard
ILB - Inner Lead Bonding. Process of bonding termination, which leads to a tape
automated bond integrated circuit’s bumps. - processteknik
IMAPS - International Microelectronics and Packaging Society.
IMC - Intermetallic Compound. Metallic compounds that form at the interfaces between
different metals, such as copper-tin compounds that form at the interface of a
solder joint and a copper lead. IMCs typically have significantly different
properties, such as tensile strength. - sammanbyggnad produktion
IPC - Institute for Interconnecting and Packaging Electronic Circuits
IR - Infrared. Soldering process that uses infrared energy as the primary method of
heating. - infraröd lödning i produktion av kretskort
ISO - International Standards Organization. - standard
JEDEC - Joint Electronic Devices Engineering Council, apart of the Electronic Industries Association (EIA) that publishes specifications and standards for electronic components. - specifikationer och standarder
KGB - Known Good Board. A correctly operating PCB. It is used in learning or
debugging a test program in development and for comparison testers where it
serves as the standard unit by which other PCBs are compared. - referenskort vid test i produktion
KGD - Known Good Die - se KGB
LCCC - Leadless Ceramic Chip Carrier (or CLCC for Ceramic Leadless Chip Carrier). A
hermetically sealed ceramic package that has pads (castellations) around its
sides for solder connection in a surface mounting application. - typ av kapsling för ytmontering
LDCC - Leaded Ceramic Chip Carrier. A hermetically sealed ceramic package that has
leads around its sided for solder connection in a surface mounting application.
Typically, thee packages have over 28 leads. - typ av kapsling för ytmontering
LSI - Large Scale Integration. Arrays of ICs on a single substrate that comprise 100 or more individual active circuit functions or gates. - benämning packning av komponenter
MCM - Multichip Module. A circuit comprised of two or more silicon devices bonded
directly to a substrate by wire bond, TAB, of flip chip. - modul med flera kretsar
MELF - Metal Electrode Face Bonding. A cylindrical leadless component with a round
body and metals terminals on the ends. - benämning kapsling för ytmontering, t.ex dioder
MLB - Multi Layer Board. A PWB that has more than two conductor layers. The layers
are interconnected by the plated-through holes. - kort med flera lager för ledningsdragning
MSD - Moisture Sensitive Device.
MTBF - Mean Time Between Failures. The arithmetic or statistical mean average time
interval, usually in hours, that may be expected between failures of an operating
unit. Results should be designated actual, predicted, or calculated. - beräkningsgrund för medeltid mellan felintervall
MTTF - Mean Time To Failure. Average time between failures. - beräkningsgrund för medeltid till fel
MTTR - Mean Time to Repair. A measure of how long it takes to access a failed system and identify, locate, and repair the fault. - beräkningsgrund för medeltid att lokalisera och reparera fel
OSP - Organic Solder Preservative. Layers of organic coatings applied to entire boar surfaces to prevent oxidation and to retain solderability. - monteringsteknik
PBGA - Plastic Ball Grid Array. A ball grid array component whose package substrate is
made of plastic, most likely an FR-4 equivalent of epoxy-fiberglass, polyimide-
arramid, or similar resin-fiber combinations. - kapsling
PCA - Printed Circuit Assembly. The generic term for a PCB after all electrical
components have been attached. Also referred to as a printed wiring assembly
(PWA). - färdigmonterat kretskort
PCB - Printed Circuit Board. A part manufactured from a rigid base material upon
which a completely processed printed circuit has been formed. - kretskort / mönsterkort ( "tryckt ledningsdragning" )
PGA - Pad Grid Array. Similar to a pin grid array. An IC package that has solderable
connections in a grid layout on the bottom of the package, and is soldered to the
surface of the substrate (PWB) with but solder joints. - kapsling
PCMCIA - Personal Computer Memory Card International Association. The organization
that has developed the early standards for the various sizes of modules which
were initially for memory expansion but are now used for many different
electronic functions. - känd för standard av t.ex. minneskorts, även kallat PCCARD .
PLCC - Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier. A plastic IC package for surface mounting
Applications that has leads, generally “J” leads, on al fours sides (sometimes
given as PCC or PLDCC). - kapsling komponent
PPM - Parts Per Million
PQFP - Plastic Quad Flat Pack. An FP with leads on fours sides. Generally refers to a plastic quad flat package that is built to JEDC standards. - kapsling komponent
PTH - Plated Through Hole. An interconnection from one side of a PWB (PCB) to
another that is formed with the copper plating of the via (hole) sidewalls. - anslutningar mellan ena kretslagret till andra på ett kretskort
PWA - Printed Wiring Assembly. The generic term for a PWB after all electrical
components have been attached. - monterat mönsterkort / kretskort
PWB - Printed Wiring Board. The substrate, generally epoxy glass, used to provide
component attachment lands and interconnections to form a functioning
electronic circuit (also called a PCB or printed circuit board). - mönsterkort / kretskort
QFP - Quad Flat Pack. A FP with leads on four sides. Generally refers to a plastic
quad flat package that is built to EIJ standards. - kapsling komponent
QPL - Qualified Products List. A listing of manufacturers qualified by test and
performance verification to produce items listed in the MIL specs. - lista av kvalificerade tillverkare för MIL (militärspecificerade)
QSOP - Quarter-Size Smal Outline Package. An SO style IC package that has leads on
a 25 mil pitch. The name derives from the fact that the package is approximately
½ the length and ½ the width of a standard SOIC, and thus a package of the
same pin count occupies approximately ¼ the area on a PWB. - kapsling komponent
RAM - Random Access Memory. A type of memory that offers access to storage
locations within it by means of X and Y coordinates. - typ av minne och hantering av minnesposition
RCC - Rectangular Chip Carrier. A chip carrier with unequal length and width
dimensions. - kapsling
ROM - Read Only Memory. A random access storage in which the data pattern is
unchangeable after manufacture. - förprogrammerat minne för enbart läsning
SCC - A chip carrier with a square body. - kapsling
SIP - Single-In-Line Package. An IC package or multi-component sub-assembly that
has connections or leads in a single row on one side. - kapsling komponent
SIR - Surface Insulation Resistance
SMA - Surface Mount Assembly. An electronic assembly or module that is
manufactured with surface mounted components and suing surface mount
technology. - ytmontering
SME - Society of Manufacturing Engineers
SMTA - Surface Mount Technology Association
SMC - Surface mount components. Any electrical or mechanical component that can be attached to the surface of a substrate with solder. - ytmonterade komponenter
SMD - Surface Mount Device. - ytmonterad enhet
SMOBC - Solder Mask Over Bare Copper. A printed wiring board manufacturing technique whereby solder mask is applied over bare copper, exposed and developed, and then the board is dipped in molten solder to coat the exposed copper. - teknik för att förbereda kretskort för montering av komponenter
SMT - Surface Mount Technology. The technology used to manufacture electronic
assemblies using components that are soldered directly to the surface of the
substrate or PWB. - teknik för ytmontering av kretskort
SO - Small Outline. A package resembling a flat pack with leads on only two sides. - kapsling komponent
SOIC - Small Outline Integrated Circuit. A plastic IC package for surface mounting
Applications that has leads on two opposite sides. - kapsling komponent
SOJ - A plastic IC package with “J” leads on two sides. It resembles a plastic DIP or an SOIC except for lead spacing and forming. - kapsling component
SOL/SOW - Small Outline-Large/Small Outline Wide. SO generally refers to a package that
is approximately 150 mils wide, while SOL/SOW refers to packages that are
approximately 300mils wide. - kapsling komponent (2 olika bredder)
SOP - VSOP/SSOP. Another designation for the small outline ICP packages, i.e. Small
Outline Package (Very Small Outline Package, Shrink Small Outline Package) - kapsling komponent
SOT - Small Outline Transistor. A plastic leaded package for diodes and transistors
used in surface mounting applications. - kapsling komponent
SPC - Statistical Process Control. The use of statistical techniques to analyze a
processor its output to determine any variation from a benchmark and to take
appropriate action to restore statistical control, if required. - statistisk analys
SSOIC - Shrink Small Outline IC. An SO style IC package that has leads on a 25 mil
pitch. - kapsling komponent
TAB - Tape Automated Bonding. An IC interconnection process that uses organic tape
to support pre-formed leads during bonding to the chip (inner lead bonding-ILB)
and connection to the substrate (outer lead bonding-OLB). The IC chip is usually
bare during the interconnecting processes. - monteringsteknik kretsar
TBGA - Tape Ball Grid Array. A ball grid array component package that uses TAB
techniques to make the connections between the IC chip and the solder bals.
This results in a solder ball grid array that is only around the periphery, and
leaves compliant connections between the IC and the solder balls for better TCE
reliability. - monteringsteknik kretsar
TCE (CTE) - Thermal Coefficient of Expansion (Coefficient of Thermal Expansion). The rate of expansion (ppm/C) of a material when its temperature is increased. - variation beroende på temperatur
VFP - Very Fine Pitch. The center-to-center lead distance of surface mount packages that are between 0.012 inch and 0.020 inch. - benämning inom ytmontering
VLSI - Very Large Scale Integration
VSP - Vapor Phase Soldering. Soldering accomplished by using heat generated by the
condensing of a vapor ion a cooler assembly. VSP is achieved with SMT by
using a high temperature, approximately 215 degrees C, special prefluorinated
fluid. - lödmetod
VSOIC - Very Small Outline IC. An SO style IC package that has leads with a pitch of 30 mils or less. - kapsling komponenter
WOM - Write Only Memory. A non access storage. Not a real component but used as a joke. - teknikhumor

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